Board of Trustees Continues to Guide NBA’s Mission

Board of Trustees Continues to Guide NBA’s Mission

The NBA Board of Trustees guides the mission, ministries, and along with the President and CEO, establishes the strategic direction, fiscal oversight, and operational management of the NBA. During Mark Anderson’s tenure, the NBA Board has been chaired by:

  • Rev. Belva Brown Jordan – Claremont, CA (2010-2014)
  • Joseph Kidwell – Dallas, TX (2014-2016)
  • Jackie Compton Bunch – Cleveland, OH (2016-present)

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“I had an idea what the NBA stood for, but I went to read more about it. I read on senior citizen care, homelessness, children’s care – these are all examples of compassionate care, which the NBA has been involved with for so many years. It has been a great experience so far to have been part of the recent changes in the NBA.” —Willie Garcia, NBA Trustee

“My family has had a direct association with the NBA for nearly 45 years. My father was an administrator for Thomas Campbell Christian Center in Pennsylvania, and my parents retired to Lenoir Christian Community. After their deaths, it was important to me and my family to continue the legacy of service and care that our parents modeled. Serving on the Board of Trustees is just one way to do that.” —Suzanne Quenette, NBA Trustee

“To me, ‘creating communities of compassion and care’ means that I, as a member of the NBA Board of Trustees, am seeking discernment and making decisions that would positively impact the lives of many. And that through those decisions and the work of NBA, that lives would be impacted forever.” —Cindy Kim Hengst, NBA Trustee

“I am thrilled to work with my colleagues at the NBA to advance the health and healing service ministries and social justice issues we hold dear. I look forward to learning and sharing best practices, stories of our shared ministry, and possible collaboration.” —Michael Readinger, NBA Trustee

“As Disciples of Christ, we are called to follow Jesus. The essence of Jesus’ teaching is compassion and care. In this world of the haves and have nots, we are called to value the dignity of all and to create communities of compassion and care.” —Jackie Compton Bunch, NBA Board Chair