NBA Hosts Staff Reunion
September 2016

NBA Hosts Staff Reunion

St. Louis, MO

“Even though the programs of NBA have changed, and the structure is different, NBA stands for something… there is a sense of oneness, that we are NBA—past, present, and future.” –Dr. Norma Ellington-Twitty, Former NBA VP of Program Planning and Evaluation

On September 24, 2016, we gathered to celebrate NBA’s legacy at a Staff Reunion brunch, with more than 50 former NBA employees attending. Former NBA administrators Leon Whitney and Dr. Norma Ellington Twitty welcomed the group, and current NBA president Mark Anderson introduced current staff and shared a brief presentation on NBA’s ministry today. We opened the new NBA office for tours and enjoyed a photo booth and a variety of memorabilia shared by the former staff.

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“It isn’t that we want to bury and pretend that [the bankruptcy] didn’t happen, but it’s nice to be far enough down the road now that it’s the good memories that are there… One of the things that happens in grief is that you begin to move, and remember good things, and those are the cherished moments that stay with you. It doesn’t mean that the loss is gone; it means that the memories become sweeter.” –Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren, Former NBA Director of Church Relations, Current NBA XPLOR Mission Specialist